Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Tartine (San Francisco)

It has been a fun and busy fall. It's my slow time at work so we have taken advantage of that by going away on some relaxing vacations! And since Mark and I love good food we always enjoy checking out new restaurants when we travel. So needless to say there has been some amazing food lately. And let's just also say that we are looking in to gym memberships as a result.  

One of our favorite finds was Tartine bakery in San Francisco. Oh my - it was good. We went twice. (We were only there for two days.) Not only was everything delicious (which it obviously was) it was a fun place to hang out and we made some friends and enjoyed chatting leisurely as only New Yorkers on vacation can do.


  1. Hey Liz! Steve and I will be in nyc this week. I'm assuming you have Thanksgiving plans with family elsewhere, but we'll be thinking of you two while we're there (I'd give you a call but I don't think I have your number)! Happy Thanksgiving.

  2. Liz! Just found out that you have this blog. I read all the posts. Is that creepy? Maybe a little but oh well. It just seems like you are as happy as ever right now, that is awesome! Good to catch up on your exciting New York life.