Monday, November 21, 2011

Procession of the Ghouls

Halloween? Long overdue...yes. But, as I wish I had snapped back to my high school Spanish teacher the only day I walked in late, "más vale tarde que nunca" (better late than never). Too bad I didn't remember that vocabulary phrase quick enough in 9th grade. Oh well.

Halloween weekend we went to The Cathedral Church of St. John the Divine for the Procession of the Ghouls. Prior to the procession, they showed the 1925 version of the Phantom of the Opera accompanied by a live organ performance. The film was actually quite creepy. The ghouls were fun to watch from a distance but when they got up close they were scary. I remember one in particular. Liz even screamed he got so close to us.

The Cathedral is quite amazing. Liz and I did a Crypt Crawl tour a year ago and loved it as well. Happy Halloween...or better yet, Happy Thanksgiving!

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