Thursday, August 25, 2011

Celebrity Sightings

I always complain about being the only person who never sees famous people in New York. Everyone has their celebrity anecdotes. Everyone but me that is. And today we learned why...

Mark and I were in the airport at JFK walking to our gate when we came face to face with Ty Burrell (aka Phil Dunfee of modern family, which just so happens to be our favorite tv show these days) and his real family.  But when I say we came face to face, it is probably more accurate to say that Mark came face to face and I came face to top of head--eek--I was looking straight down! (a walking representation of those over-used accounting jokes about accountants looking at people's feet that I've heard way too often since the day I chose Accounting as a major in school).

As soon as we had passed them Mark discretely pointed him out (he so kept his cool) and I completely freaked out!  I insisted that we pivot and follow them. Mark whispered "we don't want to stalk them" but I exclaimed "yes-we do!".

And we did. Not in a running up and begging for an autograph sort of way. But more in an "I've seen too many episodes of 24 and apparently think I've lost my calling as a spy" sort of way. I really thought I was smooth until Mark (ever the voice of reason) pointed out that we were in a restricted security zone (which I had failed to notice in my Jack Bauer-like attempts to get us the best view).

*Have you seen the episode where Phil gets an ipad?  It's a favorite and oft-quoted episode around here. Whenever Mark gets something that he had been secretly harboring a desire for he imitates Phil when he exclaims about his new ipad: "I said it didn't matter - but it did.  It so mattered!" or something to that effect.


  1. haha, i can totally imagine that whole experience. you two are hilarious!

  2. we're so obsessed with Modern Family too. Is it bad that I see so much of John in Phil Dunfee? Maybe I should be worried.

  3. So cool!!
    I quote that same episode whenever something really great happens "it's like Steve Jobs and God got together to say 'We love you Phil'"