Monday, August 1, 2011

Where it all began

This is one of my favorite pictures.  It's from the Rhode Island road trip where Mark and I first met.  I love all the smiling faces.  Doesn't everyone look so shiny?  Not in a greasy/didn't wash their faces sort of way - but in a happy/vacation sort of way!  Plus, don’t you love the creepy scarecrow thing right next to my face.  Weird how I didn't notice it until maybe the 10th time I was looking at the picture.  I also love this photo because it was the one I kept emailing around to friends and saying "he's the one on the far right… isn't he cute?... well we're going out again this week… I really like him…" etc etc etc.  for the first few months of dating Mark.  No wonder I love it!

Also, fun little tidbit - the guy to my left and the girl to my right in this pic met the same weekend we did and got married right around the same time as us.  Magic in the Rhode Island air?

Another fun tidbit...(Mark writing now) I sent my family a few photos after returning from Rhode Island. The one above being one of them. My mom said, "who is that girl in the light purple sweater?" I responded by saying that her name was Liz and that I had just asked her on a date. Great minds...

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