Friday, August 5, 2011

Balboa Island and tabbed browsing


These photos are from a trip to California in May when we met up with Liz's family for a California vacation.

As I am writing this, at about 2am, Liz is busy working her excel magic. Luckily she is working from home. This afternoon I finished retouching a number of photos and am taking a break tonight.

We are planning a trip for the fall. It has been a busy summer, we are grateful for all the work and very excited to go somewhere. I have 15-20 tabs open in a couple browsers researching cruises, airfare etc. I keep shouting out neat things I find to Liz. We are contemplating a cruise at the moment. Liz has been on one before. I have not.

Thank goodness for tabbed browsing and the ability to instantaneously search anything and everything.


  1. I love that you started a blog! We totally relate on the travel/tabs front. We looked at cruises and beach getaways and the tabs were plentiful! We settled on Boston, because I've never been and want to see New England in the fall... Shawn might be trying to go to Chile a week later. Seriously. I hope you get to go somewhere fun!

  2. um i am not a fan of you guys having been in balboa and not stopping by to say hi!!!!! not cool!

    love your blog though! hope all is well :)