Monday, August 15, 2011


We really need to work on what we consider productive.

This Saturday was one of the first in a long time when neither Mark nor I had to work. So much freedom we hardly knew what to do with ourselves!

Of course after such a jolly time biking last Saturday, we hit up Summer Streets week two. Loved it. (Of course-what's not to love?). Less freebies this week. But more biking. You win some - you lose some. We made it all the way to the Brooklyn Bridge and then rode up the Hudson River bike path all the way home.

It was so great to get back from biking and not feel the weight of work -- to celebrate we made our way down to Chelsea to eat brunch at the Standard Grill (under the Standard hotel - where Mark really wants to stay some day…). You know how we love our 3pm brunch.

Despite our full tum tums we walked the High Line. I've been wanting to see the new section they just opened this spring. (Mark had already seen it - but was willing to come with me again).

It's amazing how not working can make me so tired. I quickly fell asleep on the couch watching The Parent Trap on ABC Family. (Why is watching movies on tv more appealing to me? It makes no logical sense.)

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