Thursday, August 11, 2011

Prefab Homes

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Prefab homes. They have always been a fascination of mine. The fascination started many years ago with photographs of prefab homes online and in Dwell magazine. Their  simplicity is beautiful. No frills, yet all you need. Nothing more, nothing less.

Why I love these homes is perfectly encapsulated by what Milton Glazer said. "Just enough is more." He said that less is not more, less is in fact usually less, but just enough can be and frequently is more.

"Just enough is more" embodies the ideal prefab home. These homes are not less, not lacking. They are just enough. Just enough space, just enough design...

Liz walked in the door a few weeks ago and I couldn't wait for her to pull up a chair next to the computer and see what I had been scheming for the last 30 minutes.
     - 5.6 Acres of wooded land near a lake in the  
      Poconos (Pennsylvania: 1.5-2hrs from NYC)
     - Half an acre in Rhode Island about 30
      minutes from Newport (3+ hours from NYC)
     - 6 acres of land in Maine between Ogunquit and
      Kennebunkport (6+ hours from NYC)

The Poconos seems like the best option. It's location would be ideal for getting away in a reasonable amount of time.

Liz thought it looked neat but was not entirely sure what she had gotten herself into when she pulled up a chair next to me...Then I said that there was more!

I had countless tabs open on the web browser of prefab homes and some preliminary pricing information. I showed her the uber-modern designs, the homes made from recycled shipping containers, and my favorite, the homes full of light with walls of windows. (Think Phillip Johnson's Glass House with a tad more privacy)

Liz and I were both hungry for dinner. My appetite is often curbed by my scheming. As my scheming continued I pulled up other tabs that I had all ready for her. When I scheme, I scheme. 30+ tabs with land listings, maps, mortgage calculators, various prefab manufactures and last but not least, a list of the parking garages near where we live in city and their pricing (Because we would clearly need a car if we had a house outside the city...oh, the scheming. Also, I had looked at a few cars too...Liz may not have known that at the time.)

When Liz and I met, in Rhode Island, our dream of having a house outside the city was born. We have a jar we fill with change that we somewhat jokingly and somewhat seriously call our Rhode Island Jar. Although it may need to be renamed the Poconos jar. We are on our way to a prefab home near a lake in the Poconos.

*The jar full of change, aka the down payment, has about $60 dollars in it according to Liz. I think it has closer to $80.


  1. haha i LOVE this! eric and i have the same fascination. ever seen this blog...

    they have some good inspiration as well. maybe we could make a joint investment for a getaway home?!

  2. Big fan of the Poconos. That's right by us and since you have YET to see Healy I think it is a must. You need to come out and see your new home, and us along the way. I will even bribe you with delicious food.

  3. Kate - YES PLEASE! Let's combine our quarters and go in on a place together. Between NYC and Boston? What do you say? I can't imagine anything better!

    Stephy - Mark and I keep saying how we need to come meet Healy! (And of course catch you with you and Ben). This is critical timing as far as our making sure we brainwash her to love us no matter how crazy we are.

  4. I love these homes too. I told Erin wanted one-- either in a heavily wooded area, or out in the desert foothills. So serene.

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