Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Lincoln Center at Night

After going to the movies last week we were walking home and as we crossed 64th and Broadway we noticed that the lights were still on at the elevated lawn at Lincoln Center. We have been wanting to go see it and this was a perfect time.

When we were there we ran into a few people we know. We love when that happens. It makes this large and crazy city seem smaller and a little less crazy.


  1. LIZ!!! Holy smokes - I just found out about this blog from Lauren's blog. HALLELUJAH! I swear I don't know how to get a hold of you anymore. Your blog is awesome btw. I'm so glad you're documenting your fabulous lives. Steve and I are dying to come visit you guys, so let us know if we can make that happen. =)

  2. I love how much fun you two are having! I miss NYC summers so I enjoy living vicariously through your blog. :)

  3. Kristen - Yes yes yes - you and Steve MUST come visit! You must! And we must catch up and eat delicious things. Let's plan something stat!

    Lorri - We miss you three so much! It isn't the same without you guys! Today someone was talking about medical school residency and it made me think of how it took you from us and resent it! haha. Hope you're enjoying having lots more space!