Thursday, August 18, 2011


Have you seen these videos?
They feel very eat/pray/love, but so much better. For starters, no spouse-leaving was required, which I got kind of hung up on with eat/pray/love. Second, we are obsessed with the photo/videography.

My favorite is Move. Probably because it is so symmetrical. I have a strange thing for symmetry.  Anytime that Mark asks my opinion when he is trying to choose between two different images, he laughs when he gets my vote because it is invariably for the more symmetrical of the two. Classic accountant opinion...


  1. I can just guess what inspired him to make these films. Some old girlfriend said something once about how he's just not adventurous enough. And he said, "I'll show you."

    Now I bet women around the world are in love with this guy. Cool stuff.

  2. wow! LEARN sure makes me want to go do something!

  3. i LOVE the MOVE video! i maybe posted it on my blog too (don't worry i gave you credit for finding it). :) thanks for sharing!

  4. yes the whole leave your spouse thing bothered me too. I felt like she was trying really hard to get over these bad feeling about getting over her husband because she felt like they weren't justified... but they kind of were.