Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Summer Streets

One of my (and now our) favorite new city traditions is Summer Streets--for three Saturdays in August they close Park Avenue from Central Park (via 72nd Street) to the Brooklyn Bridge for runners/walkers/bikers(us)/rollerbladers.

Last Saturday was the first of the three weekends, and we made sure to set our alarm early enough to take part in the fun!

And let's just say I couldn't wipe the nerdy smile off my face. I kept saying cheesy things to Mark about feeling like a part of the community and seeing things from another perspective and being part of something bigger than yourself. And on and on. Boy was I on one. You could have gotten me to volunteer for just about anything public service-y during the euphoric high I felt during our ride.
But seriously - I really think Summer Streets is New York at its finest. I love seeing the local kids come out in force on their little bikes with training wheels. I love the policemen who make sure we don't get hit by cars. And I love the feeling of not taking any space for granted.

We are hoping the weather is as nice the next two Saturdays because we intend to hit up some portion of the event every week. Of course this Saturday we are determined to wake up earlier so we get more goodies and free hand-outs. (I am a SUCKER for free things and was quite disappointed that a few of the stations ran out by the time we got there).

Anyway, I would be remiss if I did not recommend this to everyone. Goodness knows my co-workers have heard no end of my pitches for it.

*Oh, and there are free bike rentals!


  1. liz, you were still in MY google reader! i'm glad you guys are blogging!

  2. I already think it's unfair that your blog will now have the best pictures ever thanks to your amazing husband!

    Can I move to NY already? OK would never do something like that. It would be more of traveling to all of the fast food joints to see how much weight we can gain in one month! OK and it's obesity at it's finest.

  3. You were in my google reader too! I was so excited to see a post.. love the new blog! looks like you guys are loving life and so happy! yah! this reminds me of our crazy ride around the city! good times.. :)