Monday, August 8, 2011

Cross Country Goodwill Run

There are lots of things that are so convenient about living in New York (think walking to… church/groceries/Bed Bath and Beyond/movie theatre/J. Crew/etc.).

But there are definitely things that are less convenient than home. (think Costco runs/days where you go from place to place and become bag lady because you need so many things/etc.).

So in the vein of inconvenience - a few months ago Mark and I were cleaning up our apartment and made a concerted effort to de-junk. Our goodwill pile got pretty big. And of course once we had gone to all that work cleaning we were too tired to schlep our heap of hand-offs to 79th Street, which was the closest goodwill place I knew at the time. The task seemed too daunting.

So there our pile sat in our front-entry way. For weeks. And was still sitting when we started packing for our trip home to Utah. And of course Mark thought I was crazy when I suggested (and then insisted) that we just pack our goodwill into an extra suitcase (don't worry - we could check it for free AND were taking a cab anyway…) and take it to Salt Lake- where it would be so easy to drop it off at the D.I. from the convenience of a car! It sounds crazy. And it was. But I stand by the fact that at the time it felt easier to take it across the country than to take it a mile uptown.

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  1. hAHAHAHAHA I love this. I love you people. You are funny people. And good people. I would have thrown the stuff away.